What We Do

Community Beehives

Community Beehive at Grow Bristol  Children painting the community beehive

Bee the Change are setting up beehives around Bristol which can be communally nurtured and looked after. We currently have one at Grow Bristol and there will soon be one in the new edible park at Quakers Burial Mound in Redcliffe. This is part of the Incredible Edible Bristol Urban Food Growing Trail.

Get in touch if you would like to help look after one of these hives.


Educational Talks and Workshops

Harvesting honey at a school with school children   Opening a beehive at forest school with the children

Bee the Change give educational talks, workshops and demonstrations at schools, universities and organisations interested in bees. We have a glass observation hive so bee behaviour can be clearly seen and discussed. We are very keen to focus our work towards children, and have an array of bee-related games and activities. We are able to set up hives in desired locations such as schools, forest clubs, and outdoor activity centres etc.

Planting Bee Habitat

Bee Garden and sanctuary for honeybees, solitary bees - Ruskin Mill    Solitary Bee Hotel, Bee Sanctuary - Ruskin Mill

Bee the Change are planting bee forage and making bee sanctuaries to try and ensure there is enough food for our pollinators.  We have planted up a half acre plot at Ruskin Mill College, with year round nectar supply, bee mosaics, bee hotel and bumble bee nests.

Swarm Collection, and Relocation to New Beekeepers 

Putting a swarm of honeybees into a warre beehive

Please give us a call if you have a swarm of bees and live in Bristol or the surrounding area and we will come and collect it for free – 07988687515. We can also remove and re-home established colonies. Let us know if you would like to be on the list to receive a swarm.

Training Courses 

Bee the Change Teaching about Natural Beekeeping

Bee the Change run personalised courses on balanced beekeeping, as well as group courses – please get in touch if you are interested.

Beekeeping Mentoring

If you would like to start keeping bees, but you are a little hesitant to do it alone, Bee the Change can provide a mentoring service. We can provide everything you need (hive, bees, equipment etc) as well as visits to get you going and happy. With this service, we will also always be at the end of the phone for any advise.

Bee Babysitting

If you are going away on holiday, travelling etc, Bee the Change can look after your bees and make sure they are happy and cared for.

Artistic Collaboration

We love to get the message out about the need to protect our bees and planet in as many forms as possible – art, music and media being great avenues.

We recently worked with Debbie Smyth to create a thread-art installation of a beehive, at Shambala music Festival.

Adopt a Beehive

Bee Certificate

If keeping bees isn’t your thing, you don’t have the space, or you simply want to help support our work, this is for you. Bee the Change runs an adopt a beehive scheme, and you can choose from one of our many hives around Bristol, and get as involved as you like.

– Come and meet your bees, and take part in some practical beekeeping at one of our open days

– Beautiful certificate of adoption

– British Wildflower Seeds for Bees

– Discounts on courses

– Free advice if you decide to keep your own bees

– Invited to events

£35. You can pay via paypal on the button above.  Contact Us  for more details.

Thank you.


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